Product Sourcing Specialist

Other than furniture manufacture and procurement, we also able to source fabrics, light fixtures, interior accessories and outdoor decorative in a range of styles, ages and budgets from a large selection of manufacturers, boutique and antique dealers. This service is best for a client looking for products other than those that can be found on our websites, particularly those that are looking for one-off or antique pieces. You could spend hours trawling through hundreds of websites to find what you need; 0r you could give us a brief and, more often than not, we will come back to you faster than you could yourself. And the best news is we can almost always buy at a better rate than the individual client because of our privileged position in the marketplace.

Yuni Bali Sourcing provides personal and professional clients with an easy way to find and order the goods that they look for in Bali. It allows the clients to save their time and spend it for pleasure during their stay because Bali has many beautiful places and things to enjoy. Our aim is to serve them the appropriate suppliers and manufacturer according to the need, and handle order while ensuring close follow up during the whole production chain.


Before coming to Bali, we need the details as follows:

–          Schedule of arrival and departure to/from Bali
–          List of products to source
–          Any activities required beside shopping

Schedule during in Bali will be made to maximize the shopping and any other activities.

An advance cost is required before the arrival as amount USD 3.000 and will be balanced on the request of final payment.

Once the client has decided the order, we will send the invoice to request the down payment and start the production as soon as the money received.


We provide these following services:

–          Prepare the scheduled trip in Bali
–          Identify the right suppliers based on your needs
–          Liaison between the buyer and the suppliers
–          Price negotiation
–          Inspection during the production of the order
–          Quality control
–          The arrangement of the shipment
–          Checking the shipment document

Trusted Suppliers

Based on our experience, not all suppliers have goodwill and responsibility to the buyer. We have a list of trusted suppliers for our reference and recommendation. If the client wants to order to suppliers out of this list without our approval, we will not be responsible for any problems in the result.


A minimum deposit of 50% from the total invoice is required. The order will be placed after the payment is received and the final payment should be done prior to completion of the goods.


–          Total Invoice USD 0 – 10.000                          : sourcing fee 23%

–          Total Invoice USD 10.000 – 35.000               : sourcing fee 15%

–          Total Invoice USD 35.000                             : sourcing fee 10%


An assistant/translator/negotiator will be free for a minimum order of USD 15,000. Less than that, the client will be charged USD 70 per day (work hour 9 am – 6 pm) and extra hour USD 10 per hour.

Car and driver will be charged USD 50 per day (work hour 9 am – 6 pm) and extra hour USD 10 per hour.


Payment can be done by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to our bank account. Transfer from other currency will be automatically converted to IDR or USD, based on the exchange rate of the day.


The delivery term is 2 – 3 months. Out of this term due to an unexpected situation will be informed to the clients.


Our recommended cargo will be responsible to pick-up the goods after getting approval from us. This recommendation is based on our experience working with it. Otherwise, you may inform us of your own choice so that we can do an arrangement.

Packing and handling usually take time 2-3 weeks, depends on quantity and kind of goods. Fragile items will get more attention to avoid a problem in the container.

Any damage due to bad packing and handling from the client’s own cargo will not be our responsibility.


There are 2 kinds of shipping, sea freight and airfreight.

1. Sea freight      : Sea freight has 2 ways, FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load).
–          FCL                        : FCL can be used when you have the goods minimum 1 container 20”.
–          LCL                        : LCL can be used when your goods less than 1 container.

2. Airfreight        : Airfreight can be used when you need the goods to arrive in destination country soon. Normally it takes 2-4 days until the port of destination country. Or it can be used for small items with high value as the cost for airfreight is so expensive.

Shipping time usually 2 weeks until 2 months depend on destination country. We will inform you about the schedule when we already do booking for the container.


Please feel free to contact us for further information. Contact us now.